The Hash Heritage Foundation

From Chris Boyd and Chris Tan (Kuala Lumpur, 07 February 2019)
This is a bulletin to bring Trustees, donors and interested parties up to date.

The Board of Trustees met in KL on 26 January 2019 and minutes will be issued in due course.

In the meantime, kindly be advised as follows:-

For a 4-month period starting in May last year, we were in discussions and negotiations with a not-for-profit society which was interested in funding a building designed to accommodate both them and us. They were receptive to the concept that we would contribute the land, and they would fund the construction and professional fees.

We submitted a formal proposal to the organization on 05 September 2018. This contained architectural sketches which had been prepared by our architects in conjunction with theirs (these sketches can be viewed HERE) We also included land details, a record of recent land transactions for their guidance, a financial proposal and also a proposal as to how each party could secure their legal tenure. Unfortunately, we were ultimately advised that the proposal had been rejected because the organization had reservations about their security of tenure.

We subsequently entered into similar discussions with AMMA, which is also a not-for-profit community organization and submitted our proposal on 21 December 2018. AMMA have confirmed their strong interest and will revert. However, we do not propose to sit back and wait for AMMA’s decision.

At our meeting last month it was resolved that we will:

  1. Approach the appropriate Minister or failing him the City Mayor for approval in principle to either subdivide the site into two lots or alternatively apply for horizontal strata title to enable two buildings to be constructed on the site. If approved, this would enable us to approach all suitable not-for-profit organizations and invite them into a joint development.
  2. Fully explore what building we can start to develop immediately within our limited financial resources. For this purpose, we met our architects on Wednesday 06 February 2019. If we do decide to take this option, it is probable that a fresh donation drive will be initiated at an appropriate time. We will continue to up-date you on this.

In the meantime, Chris Tan has been in discussions with the Ministry of Tourism who have highlighted the possibility of securing Malaysian Income Tax exemptions for donors resident in Malaysia, and we are making a formal application for these.


Several months before Interhash 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, after assessing the large volume of Tim “Magic” Hughes' Hash Archive Materials obtained from Bangkok HHH, the Interhash Management Committee and Hash Council (KLHHH) issued a Directive » that “the Hash Heritage Trust be formed as a non-profit entity.

"The mission of the trust would be to take care of the heritage aspects of hashing in general for the interests of hashers worldwide and in particular to:

  1. Manage and develop Hash Archives
  2. Hold the hash exhibition for Interhash ‘98
  3. Play a key role in rebuilding the hash house

Hash Heritage Foundation (Yayasan Hash Heritage) was incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 11th July 2000. It is registered under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 as a not-for-profit organisation, limited by guarantee and having no shareholders, with strict requirements in respect of annual auditing and reporting.

Memorandum and Articles of Association »

The initial Founding HHF trustees were 23 international hashers...

Current HHF Trustees »

The Hash Heritage Foundation is managed by a

Board of Trustees »


Patrons and Members » Partners » FAQ's »

The Hash House is designed for the benefit of worldwide Hashers (past and present), so that full access to its facilities will be by way of membership. It is our principal objective to reconstruct the Hash House as a tangible symbol of the origin of the Hash movement and as a resource for the enjoyment of Hashers worldwide.

All membership payments, along with corporate sponsorship, donations by individuals and Hash chapters will be utilised for the reconstruction of the Hash House.

Taking up membership of the Hash House can be your way of contributing and becoming part of the ongoing history of The Hash House Harriers and the Hash House, the “ Home of the Hash”. Or give membership as a gift. It will make an excellent long term gift for any hasher

Past and present Hashers from Hash Chapters worldwide are invited to help us rebuild the Hash House by becoming a member. Ordinary membership starts from MYR350, while those who are willing to donate more can apply to become a Patron Life Member and receive appropriate permanent recognition in the Hash House.

Membership application »
All hash chapters are welcome to donate or pledge to raise funds for the rebuilding of The Hash House. You can start off with a small amount and pay the balance later.

Hash chapters can become a Hash House Partner by simply making a donation which will be appropriately recognized at four levels relative to the donation amount. Hash Chapters can make pledges as an interim stage, however recognition will only be given when amount pledged is paid.

Partnership application »

HHH Beginnings

Records of Hash House Harrier activities before World War 2 do not exist.

Trail to Kuala Lumpur »

from Tim "Magic" Hughes' publication "On On! Hash House Harriers, A Golden Jubilee" very much sets the social scene of the times as a background to the birth of the Hash House Harriers.

Further interesting information can be viewed in a short film produced in 1992 by Tony Morias and Peter M. Jones which featured members of Wanchai H3 (Hong Kong), Petaling H3 (Malaysia) and Kuala Lumpur H3 (Mother Hash). The late John Duncan narrates some interesting anecdotes from the comfort of the "Long Bar" at the Royal Selangor Club.

The Hash Story »
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HHH Beginnings is very much a works in progress as we package the Hash Archives for long term appreciation. If you are able to assist in this work, please use the contact page to get in touch with us