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The world map was generated from vector data provided by
and was rendered as an SVG image using 'QGIS'
The tooltip feature of the map was developed using Andreas Neuman's 'MapApp' object


Many hashers contributed to the development of the genealogy section of this project, but special mention must be made of the following for their dedication in bringing this information to the world at large:

  • ('Tumbling') Bill Panton - the principal architect of the entire project
  • Neil Campbell - Programming and current website development
  • David Newman - HHF websiste restructuring and data collection
  • Stuart Forbes - Early work on HHF website development
  • Mike Lyons - Early work on basic family tree production

A brief account of the history of this work can be seen in this document

Financial contribution from the Cardiff Interhash 2004 Committee to digitise Tim Hughes' collection of magazines and articles, and to secure hosting of this site is gratefully acknowledged and greatly appreciated.